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Bonus Bear

If you are a fan of teddy bears, then you will love the Bonus Bears slot game. This slot game can be played for free or with real money. Because this game has a lot of interesting features and a high payback rate. Bonus Bears has 5 reels and 25 paylines, and the game is about a bear in a national park. You will also meet many other characters, most of which will appear on various reels.

Bonus Bears's Symbols

Bonus Bears is a real money slot game where you will be able to play free games, usually after registering at an online casino, where the game has a wildcard like the powerful and cool bear, Honeycomb is the scatter symbol and the bear symbol can replace all other symbols except the Honeycomb symbol, the game has symbols like Grizzly Bear, Redheaded Lady Ranger. Bee Picnic Basket, Honey Pot, Beehive, Skunk and card values A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9.

Bonus Bears's Paylines

Once you sign up, most casinos will let you try or get games for free. This allows you to experience the games without having to pay or deposit. The minimum bet for the game is 0.01. The maximum amount per credit is 0.50 although this game is a penny game. However, it may satisfy the needs of heavy capital players. Players can wager up to $125 by simply playing 25 total paylines and wagering 0.50 x 10 in the game.

The simplicity of the gameplay will impress players. This is another very lucrative slot game that you must try. If you are a little lucky you can go home with $5,000. The jackpot is not only the bonus round. In the free play round players can win up to 100 times their principal. This payout makes this slot game better than most slot games.