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Ni Shu Shen Me

This is a lion dance themed slot game, when you get three scatter symbols the zodiac asks you to choose an animal, if you choose to match you will get free spins for free, the game design and background are beautiful, the game theme is based on traditional Chinese traditions.

Ni Shu Shen Me Game Bonus Symbols

If you get a wildcard in the free game feature it will randomly draw an animal and assign it a multiplier of 2 wildcards equal to the double multiplier, which means if you get two x12's you will get a huge multiplier equal to x144, that will give you a great reward, before you can enter the free game you need to get the zodiac wheel first, one of the animals means a multiplier, you can choose You can choose your own animal, after choosing it you will start to enter the free spins feature.

Ni Shu Shen Me symbols

Ni Shu Shen Me slot machine has a total of 243 paylines that must be connected from left to right from start to finish must get 3 or more symbols per free spin up to a maximum of 5 bonus spins, which players will of course have the chance to win big bonuses.

If 3-5 SCATTER symbols appear on the reels at the same time, the player will be able to play with the free spin bonus feature.

  • 5 SCATTER symbols will earn 20 free spins and 1,500 prizes.
  • 4 SCATTER symbols will give you 15 free spins and 600 prizes.
  • 3 SCATTER symbols give you 10 free spins and 90 bonuses.