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Phoenix888 slot game takes players to a beautiful world which consists of a turquoise background with phoenix images. The highlight of the game background is that it has Japanese architecture, Phoenix888 covered with masks and Japanese music sounds, with 5 reels and 10 paylines. It is easy to find a total of 8 different symbols: the lotus symbol, the bonsai tree, 4 uniquely colored cards, flowers and the girl with the bird on the back. All this makes the gameplay even more exciting and will bring the player to this magical land.

A wildcard that looks like the legendary phoenix, this symbol can replace other symbols to help you complete winning combinations and cover all spins of the game, you can also expect a scatter symbol, you need at least 3 palace symbols and you will get 12 free spins.

Number of paylines in the Phoenix game

All tables of these paylines will win you in-game bonuses, there are 10 paylines in the game, so we can say that the chances of this payline will allow us to win prizes, if the payline is smaller the chances are more difficult, but the jackpot bonus is also big, for example, if you invest 5 PHP you have the chance to win up to 5000 PHP.