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Enter The KTV

This karaoke themed slot game is sure to impress you with 5 reels and 15 paylines as you enter the karaoke bar and choose your favorite host girl to get up to 100x your bet, and by completing the scatter symbol combinations you can get up to 20 free spins bonus and get more rewards from the double feature or quit the game.

Enter The KTV game rule

  • After 5 attempts at the bonus game (on the left side), this is not a bad choice. After winning 3 to 5 times and subtracting the cost and profit of 3,000 PHP, that's all, the player can buy the bonus game.
  • During normal tournaments this game looks very simple, mixing odds together but some of them are worth it and some don't seem to be worth it, but in most cases it is worth it.
  • As for the Quick Play feature (on the right side of this feature), I really don't think it's worth it, it often makes the money disappear. I recommend you buy the left side of the feature, but if anyone wants to try it out you might even be rewarded.

Free Spin Bonus, when the star wand appears in slots 1, 3 and 5, you can claim another free bonus. This free spin will have the same value and bet amount as the normal round.

How to enter KTV game

You can bet from 0.15 to 15.00 per spin, with up to 15 paylines, it has an easy to use user interface, you can set your own spins, and if you press the bets or the small dice you will get up to 2x multipliers. Each round of drinks has up to 5 multipliers and 5x multipliers a diamond necklace will earn you 13.33x your share.

Symbols in KTV games

There are some very special symbols in the game such as blue shirt girl, pink shirt girl, black shirt girl, beer, dice, snooker table and microphone. The game has special bonuses that can be triggered by the presence of scatter symbols on reels 1 and 3, as long as they appear on any reel.