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Chilli Hunter

The game is a 5x5, 25 payline fun slot game with free spins bonus and if you can find the chili peppers, you get free spins! The game will turn into a crazy reel which will take you into the colorful and exciting world of cactus and wide-brimmed hats.

Get chili seeds from the payline 3 or more symbols arranged from left to right on the screen will be able to win this slot game. The lowest value symbols are the card symbols. The minimum bet is 0.25 on the numbers 9,10 Jack or Queen will receive 0.15. and 0.25 on Kings and Aces. your four game wins are 0.25, 9 or 10 or Jack, 0.50 on Queens, 0.75 on Kings and 1.00 on Aces, and the five game jackpot will increase further from 0.50 on 9 games and 1.00 on 10 games. Jacks, 2.00 for Queens and Kings 2.50 and Aces 5.00.

Bonuses and free spins in Chilli Hunter

It takes 3 scatter symbols to get free spins bonuses, although sometimes it is possible to enter bonuses randomly and get 12 free spins bonuses. Also during the free spins round, the game's reels will change, your reels start with two but through free spins may open a third, fourth or even fifth slot, which is definitely a chance to win. If you want to open these reel slots you must collect pepper seed symbols, if you collect 7 of them, 3 reel slots will be opened.

When you get 3 scatter symbols, a total of 12 free spins are awarded. These free spins have more chances to fill up your reels. During the free spins round, you need to find additional spins combinations.