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Caishen Riches

A god who brings wealth. Since he became the first and most revered deity, he is known as the most important god of the New Year (Lunar New Year) because this god will bring you wealth. The lucky symbol is a cat and the game has beautiful visuals and some special features that will allow you to easily earn rewards.

Caishen Riches game symbols

There are 10 symbols in the game

There are items such as Fortune Cat, Money Bag, Red Packet, Red Packet (Red Packet), Fortune Tree, Box, etc. And indispensable in slot games is the KQJA symbol, which is one of the symbols in poker games. Consisting of a flush group bet, the best cards have flowers of the same color, symbolizing good luck. Well designed and very suitable for the game

Caishen Riches Free Spin

The "Fortune Cat" and "Money Cat" are special symbols that can replace all symbols. No queuing is required if the player gets 3 free spins modes or 3 or more free games that will trigger 12 free spins (if you are lucky to have 5 spins and 30 free spins), which means that if the player bets £10, they get 10 free spins and up to 30, which means they can save £300. The same is true for all other symbols. While there are 25 variations of the Sort by Row game in Fortune's Fortune (pictured below), all pictures in the game must be queued at least 3 times to be awarded. Different symbols have different multipliers. The wildcard is God. The highest value that can be substituted for all symbols is x1200, 5 rows of the Hundred Match symbol, followed by 5 rows of the Pot of Gold symbol, multiplied by 600 according to the bet and the red money bag symbol (money tree).


For "The Wilderness", the game uses symbols that you are not familiar with. The wild symbols has an effect on Spin because it increases your chances of winning and winning bonus bets. Wild symbols are special symbols that can be substituted for any symbol. Thus, the wild symbol has become the symbol that people use to win big cash prizes playing this game.