Panalobet is at the forefront of new online slots casinos

Panalobet is a great online casino that opened in 2019, is regulated by the Philippine government, and is now an online casino that many people are crazy about. The signature game category of the casino is Slot Online, and Panalobet has thousands of slot games, and they are constantly changing, with many types of promotions updated regularly. So when it comes to slots, many players choose Panalobet's website.

What is Panalobet?

Panalobet offers many popular online slots games that you can download through the app on the site and play on your cell phone, whether it is iOS or Android. Therefore, Panalobet has become the best online slots betting site and online slots are by far the most popular. There are no less than 1000 slot games to choose from, in addition to fish shooting games, baccarat, live casino, roulette, dragon tiger and sports betting at Panalobet.

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Best Online Slot Games Introduction

The Panalobet website is staffed 24 hours a day by a professional online team that keeps an eye on the players' game changes. The ultimate slot game with lucky numbers 777 and 888 symbols is unique in its original style with slider effect. Therefore, no other game can replace the fun of playing slots.

Join Panalobet through fun online slots and start your quest for riches. Our online casino offers more than 200 slot games 24 hours a day, different for every player. Whether it's a single slot with 1 payline or a payout variation with up to 5 paylines and up to 243 paylines, you can be sure you'll have more chances to win and enjoy our online slot games. Start playing online slots with us today.

There are two main types of Panalobet slots.:

  • 1. Video Graphic Slot

    In the new era of slot machines they have changed from 3 line slots to more beautiful graphic video slots. This type of slots is more exciting because it adds a lot of fun. More paylines means a higher chance of winning. This type of slots has a unique theme with both video and audio, which makes the gaming experience even more sophisticated.

  • 2. Classic Slots

    Most of them are designed to have all 3 slots in a single row when playing. The most popular jackpot is the 777 consecutive prizes. If you play this way, prepare to win the big prize. Sometimes you may need to modify other rules to make it more interesting, such as 3-3 rows. For every 9 horizontal boxes you get 3 rows, but if you add more vertical rows, then add them again. You will get 3 more rows if you count diagonally up and down, adding another 2 rows for a total of 8 rows for traditional or classic slots.

Use online slots to earn money online via cell phone

1. Login with your ID. You can find more information in the login guide. For your convenience, you can change the language to Filipino first.

2. By topping up your deposit balance to the slots section, you can withdraw money from your room at any time without any conditions, so players don't have to worry about adding too many bonuses.

3. Choose to play the "Panalobet" slot game or choose to play other games, each of which has different rules and features. You can choose according to your preferences and abilities by studying the rules or changing the language you can understand before playing online slots and winning the tournament to get the prizes.

4.Once you enter the Panalobet slot, an intuitive play window will appear as shown below, where you can press "play" or "spacebar" to start spinning immediately. We recommend you to bet at least 20 PHP per spin to get a good return.

5. The purpose of playing slots is to spin, "special symbols" until the symbols are arranged consecutively and you get a bonus depending on the combination of slots you can play. Classic slots are the simplest type of slots, so our goal is to have all 3 levels of dragons rewarded according to the amount wagered.

6. The bonus depends on your wager and the color of the dragon you are matching. If all three dragons are listed by color, the payout is 5 times the payout rate for the blue dragon. Green and Red dragons are 20x, 50x and 100x respectively, and if you bet 20 PHP, you get a 100 PHP bonus.

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Register on the Panalobet website via the "Register" button above to receive our special bonus.

Apply for new members to make a deposit and get a deposit bonus

It's easy to apply for registration with Panalobet. Just enter your email address, your password and nickname, and after successful application you will see your main account in the upper right corner, as well as the amount of bonuses you will receive. Beautiful animations are one of the highlights of the site, and players can see all the casino game options on the menu, so you can pick and choose according to your preferences.

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For new members, simply register and make a deposit at Panalobet and you will immediately receive an additional 150% free bonus.
Please contact our staff to claim your bonus and complete 5x bonus rounds.

How do I apply for Panalobet online casino?

Panalobet offers a wealth of online casino games to play on your PC and mobile, from online slots and video poker to roulette and blackjack. Whether you're looking for classic fruit machines or cutting-edge 3D slots, our selection has you covered. We also have table games, keno, mobile casino games and more!


The first step is to read this guide, scroll up to the Select Portal button and click on the special tab to get the flashing free credits above. (When you enter the service page, there is a menu bar on the left side of the site for fishing, fishing, live casino, other games, promotions and scroll to the far right. Above you will see a yellow button)


After you click the button, the "Apply" form will appear and you will fill out all the application forms and be informed that you will receive 300 free credits (we recommend that you verify the accuracy of your information carefully before submitting it.)


If you have any questions, please click on the contact menu icon next to the contact channel "Line" or "Live Chat" to ask.


As a slot player, Panalobet is a must-see site with over a hundred slot games and very beneficial slot promotions, which makes playing slots here even more fun. At Panalobet, you'll find a massive collection of slots to choose from, with all the latest and most popular games, as well as lots of classic favourites. Whatever your tastes, you're sure to find something you love here!